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Hello Bloggers,

So, one of my new obsessions this past year has been the skater skirt. Fashion experts and stylists have always highlighted the A-Line Skirt as being one of the most flattering for all figures. That’s true because it draws emphasis to the waist, good for curvy, boyish and pear shapes, just to name a few.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon a gorgeous range of skater skirts which I now own in multiple colours. The fit is perfect, they sit just above the hips and fall around mid-thigh. Again, I need to emphasise the importance of checking small boutiques; they contain a treasure of affordable clothes. I got these particular skirts in Catch!


The skirts are great because they can be worn with anything for a casual daytime look or something a little fancier if you’re heading out. I have the skirt in pink, red, purple, blue and the trusty, must-have black. And get this, all five came to under €100, such a steal!


I recommend wearing skater skirts such as these with opaque tights: they’re a little on the short side, one breeze and you may well end up imitating Marilyn Monroe. At least tights protect your modesty to some degree.


I always tuck my tops into the skirt, as you can see. This helps highlight the waist, and it creates a smoother silhouette. I like pairing matching colours, it kind of creates the look of a dress. I always wear a black belt when I do this to break up the colours and again show off the waist.


So, there you have it. A quick peek into one of my favourite trends. A real day-to-night office look. Just add heels, if required, and maybe a change of top,  then you’re good to go.