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Hello Bloggers,

I’m a little late, but I wanted to share with you all some of my Hallo’ween looks.

My personal favourite, the easiest look ever, is the cat! I know, cliché, but so easy to replicate and you can use pretty much anything already in your wardrobe.

As a leopard print lover, I had plenty of choice. The first year I paired a leopard print bustier with a black leather skirt and cat ears; always cheap enough in Claire’s Accessories around October.

The next year, I tried a leopard print dress with kitty ears and full on cat make-up…


The make-up is surprisingly easy. I started with foundation, of course. The next step was the eyes, and the obvious choice was an eyeliner flick. If you want a tutorial on achieving a flick for the perfect cat eye, see my previous post on eyeliner. I used the same gel eyeliner, Maybelline’s Lasting Drama Studio Effect for the whiskers. Start with three faint lines of the eyeliner across the cheek starting from the centre of the nose bridge outward. If you’re happy with the lines you create, fill them in and darken them up. Then, I painted a little triangle on the button of my nose. This was a little harder, but again use faint lines until you perfect the shape: mistakes are easier to correct if they are light.

My sister dressed up as a policewoman, with me lending my make-up skills to complete the look.


Of course, I’ve branched out and tried different costumes like a maid, nurse etc., but I always find myself coming back to the old reliable cat. Its just so cheap, especially when you love leopard, and easy to do.