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Hello Bloggers,

Today I’m going to review one of my recent beauty purchases. I’ve always used Maybelline foundations, in the beginning it was their Dream Matte Mousse and then I moved on to their Super Stay 24hr Liquid.


Now, personally I found the liquid much better than the mousse as it gives a really flawless finish and spreads easily, meaning it lasts so much longer! Definitely important, girls. Last week I was in Boots picking up some nail polishes and I happened to spot my shade (Ivory) in their newer Dream Satin Liquid. I decided to just pick it up while I was there and test it out.


Let me tell you, I’m beyond impressed with this foundation. The application is completely smooth and it lives up to its name of satin. The consistency is amazing, and it covers every flaw. Honestly, sometimes it barely even looks like you’re wearing anything. I have noticed that with each upgrade Maybelline release the colour lightens. I started with ‘Fawn’ when I used their Dream Matte Mousse but had to go a shade lighter to ‘Ivory’ when I moved on to their liquid foundation.


Now, it could just be the shade I’ve chosen but there is literally no waterline. You cannot tell I’m wearing foundation when you look from my neck to my face. It is the best foundation I’ve found and I will definitely be using it for the foreseeable future: until Maybelline bring out something even better!