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Hello Readers,

I was so spoiled by my family and friends this Christmas so I have lots of new makeup to test and review for you all! 
I recently reviewed the Smashbox ‘Light It Up’ lipgloss set from my lovely boyfriend so now I wanted to review the lipstick version which was a present from my amazing Mam. A shade for nearly every mood! 

The colours range from nude to vivid purple with pinks and reds in between, subtle shades for daily wear and dramatic brights for nights out. They’re just the right mix between matte and shimmer and don’t feel heavy or drying on the lips, plus they’re super long lasting with a really surprising even fade; I didn’t experience the horrible lipstick ‘bleed’ that leaves you looking like you’re wearing only lipliner!

Smashbox products are always super glam and their staying power is second to none, I have lots of their eyeshadows and the pigmentation is stunning so I recently tried their lipsticks and wasn’t disappointed. The softer matte texture of these lipsticks means they stick around for hours without losing colour but don’t dry out or crack on the lips either! You can see in the picture below how shimmery they are under the light with just enough matte to bring out the pigment. 

From top to bottom: Famous, Primrose, Inspiration, Legendary, Fig and Tabloid. A perfect selection of 6 shades for day or night, mood dependant. I love these lipsticks, I’d buy them individually but as a set they’re the perfect present for any makeup lover!