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Hello Readers,

I recently bought the Bellamianta tinted lotion to try before my trip to Rome, I am a big fan of the rapid mousse but I’d heard that the lotion was much more natural and long-lasting so it seemed like a better choice for a hassle-free holiday glow. 

I usually buy the dark mousse but I went for the medium lotion as I wanted something natural but buildable, it was definitely the right choice – the lotion has a much deeper finish than the mousse when left overnight to develop but it does seem to wash off easier than the mousse.
It was just as easy to apply as the mousse, dark in colour so you can see where you’ve already applied and avoid any patches/streaks. Just like the mousse it dries in less than a minute so you’re free to throw on some comfy clothes and leave overnight (I would recommend leaving it overnight, unlike the mousse a lot of the colour washes off, even when left for 8+ hours!) 

The colour difference was brilliant and there were no streaks but I found that it faded quicker than the mousse over the course of a few days. It didn’t become patchy or scaly, the fade was even and natural but just too quick for my liking – if you’re away for a week you’ll need to bring the bottle to top up! 

I do really like the results but the lotion, for me, will be more suited to home occasions not the long-lasting effortless holiday tan I intended to use it for. I’d recomment the lotion over the mousse if you like a more natural finish and don’t necessarily need a longer-lasting colour, but I will say that the lotion doesn’t transfer on clothes so you can wear lighter colours without worrying about the dreaded orange stains!