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Hello Readers,

I am literally the luckiest girl ever, my wonderful best friend got my the Birthday Edition Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks for my birthday! I’m still shocked saying it, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting some of these lipsticks for so long but always being put off by the fact that they need to be shipped from the U.S. 

The Birthday Edition features 6 miniature lipsticks in some of the best-selling shades, which are ALL to die for, by the way. I couldn’t wait to try them all! I’ve recently come to appreciate the beauty of a neutral lip and they look so much better matte, don’t they? 

Above is a swatch of each lipstick immediately after application (with flash) From top to bottom: Koko K, Dolce K, Exposed, Candy K, Kristen and Leo. I took the below picture a few seconds later, without flash, and they had already started to dry and become matte. I immediately loved the vibrancy of the colours, so pigmented and attention-grabbing. I love the shimmer when freshly applied so I think her latest metallic range will be a must-have, but I absolutely loved how bright they stayed when matte. 

Obviously, as these are matte lipsticks you would expect them to be quite drying on the lips and although they don’t actually dry out your lips (my lips were baby soft once I removed the lipstick, which is amazing) the colour itself does set very quickly and it dries quite hard, it’s not actually noticeable until you lick or smack your lips and it feels almost sticky like your lips might stick together. 

This isn’t really an issue, the colour was long-lasting but did need topping up to avoid extreme dryness which could end up cracking the lipstick. I found applying lip moisturiser before and after really helpful, but as I said it’s not uncomfortable or visually noticeable but it certainly wouldn’t be kiss-proof! 

In the above picture I’m wearing Dolce K, one of the gorgeous nude shades with just enough dark pigment to make it really stand out. You can see yourself that these lipsticks have really vibrant tones and look so good on. I already love them so I’ll definitely be adding to the collection very soon, there are so many amazing colours to try!