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Hello Readers,

I bought some of the products from the L’Oréal Fine Flowers range after hearing from a friend that they were brilliant for sensitive skin, I don’t know about you but I feel much more confident about trying a new product when somebody I actually know recommends it! I always look for ‘real’ blogger reviews too, a lot of the bigger bloggers are given so much free stuff it’s hard to know whether they genuinely love the product or not. Those of you who have sensitive skin will know how risky it is trying new products so I’m going to be super honest about these. 

I picked up the cleansing wipes (€4.99), gel-cream wash (€4.99) and toner (€7.99) but there are lots of other creams and washes in the range. They’re specifically designed for Dry & Sensitive Skin so by all accounts should help with those issues and although I’ve only been using them a week I definitely see a huge improvement already, which I’m hoping will continue the longer I use them. 

L’Oréal is an affordable range and their products are always good quality so I had no problem spending the money on them but luckily these are all half-price right now in Boots, I don’t know how long this sale lasts but I picked these up last Sunday and the offer is still valid at the time of writing this a week later so if you’re interested go now and get yourself a bargain. 

I’m usually not great at using anything other than moisturiser and the odd facial wash/cleanse but this range is meant for daily use, which I thought would be a struggle, but your skin is well worth investing a few extra minutes on and I’ve made sure to use them each night before bed, fingers crossed I continue to stick with it because I’ve noticed such a great improvement in my skin, it’s much softer and applying makeup is a hell of a lot easier! 

A lot of the time when applying foundation I’ll notice the skin around my nose area (prone to dryness and rosacea) will start to flake or look dry, which is absolutely awful and once that happens you can’t do much else on top, like contouring, or else my skin will look scaly – a nightmare those of you who suffer with this will know all about. In the week I’ve been using these products, I’ve found it so much easier to apply makeup, my nose area hasn’t flaked and I’ve been able to apply powders and contour over foundation with ease – now it’s still not perfect but I’m really optimistic it’ll get there! 

The one thing I really need to mention, I don’t know if it’s just me or if anybody else who uses the gel wash has experienced this but, I do find that I get a tingling slightly burning sensation around my nose area which is, as I mentioned, my problem area and most sensitive. It doesn’t hurt and it certainly hasn’t damaged my skin, as I said it’s actually improved, but I did worry a little the first night it happened. The toner calms it right down when applied afterwards. I also wondered if maybe it’s because I’ve never really used washes before – this would make sense since the burning sensation has lessened from first use to now but do keep an eye out for this and if you’re worried only do it every couple of days until you know for sure you aren’t having a reaction! 

Let me know if you have sensitive/dry skin and try this range! Does it help you?