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Hello Readers,

It seems like there’s a new beauty trend every couple of months lately and for the most part I don’t usually buy into them. So the newest fad is these silicone sponges, now I wasn’t a huge fan of the beauty blender/sponge phase so I really wasn’t sure about these and I wasn’t willing to spend a fortune but when I seen a 2 pack of silicone sponges in Penneys from the P.S. range for only €2 I had to pick them up! 

I’ll admit that I had to look up a few tutorials first, beauty blenders were all about dabbing the foundation on but these silicone sponges give the best results when brushed across the skin, as if you were using a brush actually! 

My first time using these I pumped a blob of foundation onto the back of my hand, as I usually do when using brushes, and dipped the sponge in before applying but I was left with way too much product – I hate wasting foundation, I know you’ll all agree. The next time I used these I decided to follow the tutorials and pumped a small blob onto the sponge and applied directly to my face, sweeping it across the skin until I needed more. A few small blobs of foundation will cover your whole face – it’s amazing how big a difference it makes when the sponge doesn’t absorb product! 

If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I have really dry and sensitive skin so my recent skincare routine has really helped me achieve the flawless makeup application that has been so hard for me in the past. You can read all about my skincare in my previous post L’Oréal Fine Flowers. 

I’ve seen lots of fancy silicone sponges around in all different shapes and sizes and I’m sure you could argue they do a better job but honestly these sponges are absolutely perfect, easy to use and a total bargain so I can’t say I’ll be tempted to buy any others. I’d recommend these for everyone but especially for those who just want to give silicone sponges a try without spending a fortune!