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Hello Readers,

My hair has always been difficult to say the least, it’s fine but very curly so can be hard to manage. I’ve straightened my hair for as long as I can remember but I’ve always taken care not to damage it by using heat protect sprays etc. I’m also very prone to frizz so overall, not ideal! 

I was delighted to find this range of Argan Oil hair care products in Dealz, and even more delighted when I found that they worked so well! My first purchase was the Heat Defence Leave-In Spray which I’ve been using religiously for the last couple of years, I always use it after washing my hair, it has the added benefit of detangling my curls but I always make sure I spray it in before blowdrying and straightening my hair. It’s actually worked better at keeping my hair in perfect condition than the other, more expensive products I’ve tried. 

Having used this successfully for so long when I noticed the range had Shampoo and Conditioners I snapped them up, as with everything in Dealz they’re all €1.50 a piece so you can get all 3 for less than €5! I love finding bargains that really work, I have such a mix of pricey designer products and high-street bargains in my beauty collection and quality is so much more important than the price-tag so I’ll always recommend products that work regardless of the cost. 

I had tried the hair mask from this range a few months back and I was so disappointed, it left my hair really oily and lank so I was a tad nervous about trying these but I figured the spray worked so well that they should probably be ok. I have naturally oily hair so it was probably just a bit too much oil for my hair. The bottles of the shampoo and conditioner are huge, seriously such a steal for €1.50! 

They have a gorgeously sweet smell and left my hair feeling so silky and moisturised, they also gave me quite a lot of volume which was unexpected but brilliant. My hair was really easy to work with, as always I finished off with the spray before blowdrying and it hasn’t tangled at all (even overnight) plus it’s still smelling absolutely divine. 

I feel like these might be a little too rich for regular use so I’ll maybe use them once a week just for the moisturizing and volume, aside from that Mane ‘N’ Tail will continue to be my regular products but at €3 for the set, you really can’t go wrong with this range!