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Hello Readers, 

This weekend I finally got my hands on the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette and I haven’t been able to stop using it. It feels like the longest wait ever since it was announced at the end of May but didn’t hit Irish stores until August! I’ve been obsessing over it for months so I knew the review couldn’t wait.

I love the Naked palette range and I’m proud to add the fifth release to my collection, one of the things that sets this palette apart from the rest is the fact that these shades are so flattering on blue eyes, the burnt orange and deep purples are warm earth shades which really make blue eyes pop! 

As usual, Urban Decay made sure every shade could be mixed and matched and blended to perfection to create the most flattering smoky eye, you can use any combination and know they’ll have a beautiful finish. There’s also a great ratio of shimmers and mattes to help create your desired smoke.

The pigment of Urban Decay eyeshadows is one of the pros that sets it apart from other affordable brands, at €47.50 for each palette they are on the slightly higher end of the price range but still affordable and most importantly, they’re worth every penny. Each Naked palette has 12 shades, a mix of shimmers and mattes as well as highlighter shades to enable even the make up beginner to create a flawless smoky eye from start to finish.

In the below picture, I’ve swatched the last 8 shades in the palette, some of the more pigmented and blendable shades, highlight shades generally remain similar in these palettes – they go from white, creamy shades to tans and browns so that whatever your skin tone, and however deep a colour finish you want you’ll be able to achieve it. 

Unfortunately, pictures just don’t do these colours justice and the real-life payoff is breathtaking and so highly pigmented. I think this is my favourite Naked palette, the Naked 3 a close second, and I’ve only had it a couple of days. The shades are also very flattering on hazel-green eyes as tried out on my sister and they really made the colour stand out. 

I’m no trained makeup artist so these images aren’t preened and polished to perfection but I will be honest and say that the finish in real life is beautiful no matter how unskilled you are, the detail was very difficult to capture but you can see how pigmented they are from the colour payoff. I haven’t seen many tutorials/pictures that do justice to the shimmer of these shades so do be aware of that and know it will look so much better in person! 

I’m obsessed with this palette and I’m delighted to say that it was worth the wait and it’ll be an absolute staple in my make up bag from now on!